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About 107 Km from Aurangabad, Maharashtra in India lies the Ajanta caves(30 in all) declared as an UNESCO heritage site in 1983.

When you are driving towards the Ajanta Caves from Aurangabad, about 12 kilometers short of the caves you will come across a very prominent Y Junction. Go left and you will reach a view point from where you get this birds eye view of the caves. You will subsequently have to drive back to reach the main entrance of the caves.

A visit to the Ajanta caves in early 2018 cast a mesmerizing spell and the memory of the magnificent murals, paintings and sculptors still linger on.

History has it that the sculpting of the caves began in 200 BC and continued for many centuries. For some unknown reason the caves were abandoned in 900 AD and fell prey to the elements of nature. These were accidentally re-discovered by Capt John Smith in 1819 during a hunt while he was chasing a tiger.

The rock cut caves are a reminder of rich heritage of India and its people. The sculptures glorify Buddha as a teacher and those who sculpted it certainly aimed to etch memories in stone for generation to come. Absolutely awesome, amazing and divine !!

If history interests you then Links and a video at the end of this blog may interest you.

I for one soaked in the awesome beauty of art which can be seen in these caves. Absolutely amazing. Sharing with you photos taken during the visit in random order.

The murals in few caves are amazing and speak volumes for the Indian Artisans.

The murals mostly depict the life of Buddha and Jataka Tales, however, few do portray the day to day life of kings of those days.

It took centuries to sculpt the caves and the sculptures within, and yet the whole thing looks so well coordinated. The art form was passed from generation to generations who continued to create an awesome story depicting the life of “The Buddha”.

Unfinished caves ??

I don’t really have words to describe what I have posted above. I presume the pictures tell the story.

If history of these caves interest you then you may like to click on the links below to know more. My aim was to take you through a pictorial journey of the Ajanta Caves, I hope you enjoyed it.