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While in USA I had few birding opportunities around Chicago and Cincinnati thanks to my lovely daughters Shruti and Ruchi who took me to places in spite of their busy schedule to help me pursue my passion.

There are many nature centers in Ohio and Illinois which are mini bird sanctuaries. A visit to these got me few good bird photos, sharing these with you in this blog.

The Red Cardinal, the state bird of Ohio. I got this at Eagles Creek Park, Indiana.

Crimson fronted Woodpeckers. Spotted them at Catigny Park near Chicago. Was lucky to get this shot. The male caring for the expecting mother.

Indigo Bunting. Spotted this one at Starved Rock State Park, Illinois.

I spotted this Crimson Fronted Woodpecker during our trip to Starved Rock State Park. The park authorities have put feeders in various places which attracts these birds and makes it easy to spot them. I used Olympus OMD EM5 MK II camera mounted with 40 – 150 mm zoom lens to snap this.

This Hairy Woodpecker was also snapped at the Starved Rock State Park.

I snapped this Red Winged Black Bird at Cincinnati Nature Park, Ohio. These are common and can be found almost every where.

We spotted this Wild Turkey at Catigny Park, Ohio. We just about managed to get this shot before it vanished into the thicket.

American Robin – A common bird

I think this one is a House Finch. Captured this at Cincinnati Nature Park.

This one is most probably from the sparrow family.

This one is a Hairy Woodpecker (Male)

Being admonished. Does it ring a bell!!

I was looking for birds and instead found this and I clicked.

American Gold Finch, captured this too at Cincinnati Nature Park.

This one is Blue Jay, an elegant looking bird. Snapped at Eagles Creek Park, Indiana.

Black Capped Chickadee

A pair of Pochards. We saw these at Lily Pond, Rocky Mountains, Colorado.

A Black Bird at Lily Pond, Rocky Mountains, Colorado.

Canada Geese. Snapped during a morning drive at Boulder, Colorado.

Black Billed Magpie. Snapped at Garden of the Gods, Colorado.

This one has a story. I spotted this Red Tailed Hawk?? as I got up in the morning, perched on the fence in my daughters backyard. I couldn’t believe this and I rushed down with my camera. It was drying it’s wing and gave me full opportunity to take few shots.

This Bald Eagle was a sitting duck at Brookfield Zoo, Chicago.

So when you go to US next , don’t forget to carry your birding lens. There is birding opportunity in every town, you just need to google for it.