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Come year end and migratory birds start arriving at wetlands around Pune at Kavadi (about 15 kilometers from Pune) and Bhigwan (about 100 kilometers from Pune). This is the time to do some bird watching to see these beautiful creatures. This year towards end of December 2017 I made trips to Bhigwan and Pune and managed to get some nice photos, sharing these with you.

Bhigwan has a large wetland formed from back waters of Ujanni Dam. Here you can see many kinds of ducks, egrets and storks. Flamingos can also be seen here. The best months to do bird watching here is from November to March.

Arrive early at Bhigwan to catch the sun rise and to capture some candid silhouettes of fishermen in their boats.

About 230 species of birds have been spotted at Bhigwan over a period, around 100 of these are migratory which come here to winter during the months of November and March.

Grey Heron


Black Winged Stilts

Lesser Egret

Another place to do some birding is at Kavadi Path about 15 Kilometers from Pune.

White Browed Wag Tail


Ruddy Shell-duck

Common Teal

Northern Shoveler (female)

Black Winged Stilt

Ruddy Shellduck

Common Teal

Northern Shoveler

Do take your camera and visit these places, you will be happy that you did it.