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Few days back my wife showed me a write up about Olive Ridley Turtles Conservation Festival at Anjarle Beach. This beach is about about 215 kilometers from Pune. I found the idea of being there for the festival quite interesting so we booked a room at Whistling Waves at Anjarle and made a visit there on 23 to 25 March 2019. We arrived at the beach late afternoon and were told that the volunteers would be checking if the turtles had hatched or not at about 6 pm. There was lot of anticipation in the air.

I talked to the volunteers who were conducting the festival and was informed that this was an yearly affair. The mother turtle comes late in the night and lays eggs on the beach. Volunteers collect the eggs and keep it at a safe place on the beach, well protected. When the eggs are hatched, the baby turtles are left near the sea who are attracted by reflected light and home on towards the sea. This festival draws quite a crowd and many photographers too.

No turltles hatched that evening so we walked along the beach and took some candid shots.

The sunset was amazing.

Next morning we got up early and headed for the beach as we were informed that possibility of turtles hatching was there this morning. Hundreds had gathered at the beach to witness this event.

Our hopes were not belied, we did get to see the baby turtles crawling towards the sea.

Having had our fill of the baby turtles we took a walk along the beach and managed to capture few shots of the Sea Gulls.

When at Anjarle do visit areas around the beach, specially the Harne fishing village. You will be able to take some nice photos, specially of sunrise and sunset.

Venture a bit away towards Dapoli and you may be able to site the white breasted Sea Eagles and other birds.

This was a great trip specially since I love photographing nature and landscapes.