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To enjoy the monsoons we took a road trip in July 2018 from Pune to Jog falls. We visited few interesting places during this trip such as Amboli Ghat in Maharashtra, Goa, Gokarna, Murudeshwar and Jog falls in Karnataka.

This blog is about our visit to Murudeshwar, a coastal town in Maharashtra, famous for the Murudeshwar Temple and world’s second tallest statue of Shiva. The town lies on the coast of the Arabian Sea.

The area has been aesthitically landscaped. A garden along the coast has statue of the Sun God and another statue is of Lord Krishna on a chariot giving sermons to Arjun.

The temple itself is a tall structure. You can take a lift all the way up to the obsevation deck from where you get an awesome view of the Shiva Statue.

The artificial cave below the Shiva statue hold many statues which depicts the story of Mahabali and the Vamana Avtar of Vishnu.

The statues at Murudeshwar are a fine example to indian workmanship. Do find time and take a trip to enjoy the environment.